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DGSGB, Kassel, Germany, 15.03.2019, “Sorge für die seelische Gesundheit als Aufgabe in der Eingliederungshilfe”

BPS Faculty for Intellectual Disability Conference, London, England, 2.-3.04.2019

EAMHID Congress, Barcelona, Spain, 23.-25.05.2019

IASSIDD World Congress, Glasgow, Scotland, 06.-09.08.2019

DGSGB, Kassel, Germany, 08.11.2019, “Dissoziative Störungen”

EAMHID Congress, Berlin, Germany, 23.-25.09.2021

➡️ @marybusk - #research matters to families and must inform #frontline services - a new @NHSEngland national research strategy for #ID and #autism expected soon

Interesting initial findings but yet to be convinced by results - what was "developmental approach" (?manualised ?fidelity to model), not randomised or controlled for baseline differences, ?contamination b/w groups ➡️ agree with approach but bold conclusions not justified IMO

Quan les imatges parlen! #mylifewithADHD Activem totes les eines de suport pel #TDAH #congresoconducta #EAMHID2019 @cconducta @Ampans @althaiamanresa @ramosquiroga2

@EAMHID Let’s work together in training of professionals. @BoHejlskov - less stress during caregiving for persons with ID contributes to better care. See the interview with Bo https://t.co/X5vISXJi9a

Tanja Sappok, new EAMHID President, makes the conclusive remarks and invites everybody to the next Congress in Berlin in 2021 (23-25 September)


#EAMHID2021 theme of ‘From Science to Practice’ in Berlin on 23-25 September 2021. @yacoub_evan @Palaceedd @LdSenate @cconducta

President Prof. Tanja Sappok expanding on plans for the future activity of #EAMHID especially working with colleagues in Central and Eastern Europe.

President Roger Banks closing #EAMHID2019 Another excellent Congress and looking forward to #EAMHID2021 in Berlin.

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