Thesis Award for the 13th Congress of EAMHID 2021

On behalf of the Scientific Committee of the European Association of Mental Health in Intellectual Disability (EAMHID), we thank you for considering to participate in our Thesis Award for the 13th Congress that will take place from the 23rd to the 25th of September 2021 in Berlin, Germany. Please understand and agree to our privacy policy and read the following submission guidelines carefully BEFORE submitting your thesis.

The EAMHID Dissertation Award is given for an outstanding research contribution to the field of mental health and intellectual disability. All correspondence should be directed to the chair of the award-committee, Trine Lise Bakken, email:

Deadline for submissions is 01/08/2021! Please submit by email in PDF-format.

The award committee rates dissertations on the basis of:

Scientific merit

Addressing important scientific questions, insightful theoretical and empirical rationale, methodological and ethical care by which the research is conducted, thoughtfulness of interpretation


Well-written, publishable or published in top journals in the field

Value of findings for supporting better mental health in persons with intellectual disabilities

Potential or demonstrated impact on the field, response from clients, professionals, policy makers, public

Participation of people with intellectual disabilities and / or their families

Impact for persons with intellectual disabilities or participation is clearly emphasized

The award committee only considers applications meeting the following criteria:

The dissertation is nominated by the advisor or chair of the PhD-candidate’s dissertation committee

A letter of support for the candidate by the advisor or chair of the PhD-candidate’s dissertation committee

A summary, in English, of the actual research, being a maximum of 1500 words excluding references

An explanation of why the candidate believes this dissertation should receive the award

A CV of the applicant

All materials should be submitted in PDF-format

Non-English dissertations may be nominated if accompanied by at least one English article published or accepted in a peer-refereed international scientific journal written by the student as first author

Defense has taken place between May 2019 and Sept 2021

The award winner will be announced at the last plenary meeting of the conference. In addition to the award certificate, the winner will be offered five years free EAMHID membership incl. JIDR-subscription.