Abstract submission for the EAMHID Congress 2023 in Helsinki

We welcome you to submit an abstract for the upcoming EAMHID Congress from 21.09.2023 to 23.09.2023 in Helsinki. To avoid complications, please be sure to read and understand this abstract submission guide BEFORE submitting an abstract. In order to submit, you will have to be registered as a submitting author. If you have already registered as a submitting author for the 2021 Berlin Congress, you can reuse your username/email and password and will not have to register again. If you forgot your password, you can reset it at the log-in page. Once logged into your dashboard, you can manage your abstract.

DEADLINE for abstract submission is 17.03.2023!

You will be updated of the progress of your submission by email and in your dashboard. If your abstract has received “preliminary acceptence”, you will have to register as a congress participant at the Congress Website by 31.03.2023 or within 14 days, if your abstract has received “preliminary acceptance” after this date. While registering as participant to the congress, please make sure you use the SAME email address you used for submitting your abstract. Otherwise we will not be able to match your registrations. Only congress participants (onsite or online) can present their abstract to the audience and will therefore receive “final acceptance”. Congress registration is kept separate from abstract registration so people can see if their abstract is accepted before registering for the congress and participants to the congress do not necessarily have to submit an abstract.

All abstracts have to be in English and follow the required format. This is necessary, since all accepted abstracts will be published in the Congress Abstract Book and have to comply with the guidelines of the publisher. Please note that abstracts not following the required format will have to be revised and might be rejected.


Required Format for Abstracts:

Indicate first and last names and full institutional details of all contributing authors avoiding any abbreviations following this structure: 1Author, 2Author, 3Author,1Institution, 2Institution, 3Institution etc. If authors share institutional details, put the number of each author at the institution, separated by comma, e.g. (author 2 and 3 share institutional details): 1Author, 2Author, 3Author, 4Author, 1Institution, 2,3Institution, 4Institution. This is for the abstract book. You still need to indicate presenting authors at the “presenting author” section of the abstract submission page though. If you need to add additional presenting authors, that is for the symposia and roundtable formats, add them by pressing the “+ button” in the “presenting authors” section.

Put up to five comma seperated keywords here

Put the background here

Put the methods here

Put the aims here

Put the conclusions here

If NONE of the authors has anything to disclose, just put “No disclosures” here. As soon as one or more authors have industry affiliations, sponsoring, etc. to disclose, put the disclosures here, following this structure:1Disclosure Author 1, 2Disclosure Author 2, 3Disclosure Author 3, etc., using the same number for EACH author as in the author list, even if one of them has nothing to disclose, in this case just put “No disclosure” at her/his number.